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Dealer Tricks

If you are buying car from a dealer you must consider the dealer’s tricks. Most people dread going to buy a new car for one simple reason: the salesmen. I'm not saying all salesmen are out to get you, but we've seen our fair share of deceptive salesmen who use tricks or play on words to get that sale and make that commission. Nowadays, most car dealerships are trying to become "customer friendly". To help you find a good dealership and weed through the bad, we've compiled a list of dealer tricks and how to avoid them. If you ever find yourself in any of these situations, don't be afraid to leave the dealership. You can also let the salesperson know that you are leaving because of their trick and that you will not be back to that dealership to buy your new car. Word of mouth is one of the strongest forms of advertising and dealerships know this. Once you weed out the dealerships with poor customer service and poor sales tactics and find one you like and trust, you will be a loyal customer to that dealership and maybe even that particular salesman.

Make sure you browse through our list to familiarize yourself with these tricks before you go to a dealership. Don't get caught unaware. Although we've only listed the tricks we've seen first hand, there are many more tricks that dealerships/salesman will try to play on unsuspecting customers. If you have encountered any new ones we have not listed and would like to share them with others and expose all the tricks we can, please email them to us

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